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Terms and conditions

Revision of 01.07.2023

Replaces that of 01.01.2022
(“Novagency Sàrl” becoming “Novagency International Web Agency”)

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Provisions applicable to all NovAgency International Web Agency products

  1. Scope

These general conditions of sale (GTC) apply to all products and services provided by NovAgency International Web Agency – hereinafter referred to as “the service provider”.

The service provider reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time.

  1. Entry into force, duration of the contract and termination

The contract binding the service provider and its customer will come into force after a period of 7 days from the date of the online order made by or in the presence of the customer.

Each contract is concluded for a period of one year, with tacit renewal from year to year, unless the client informs NovAgency International Web Agency, in writing or by email, at least 20 days before the end of the contract. year taken into account, that he no longer wishes to continue his collaboration.

The year taken into account begins the month in which the product ordered is put online if this takes place during the first 10 days of the month, it begins on the 1st of the following month if the product ordered is put online takes place after the 10th of the month.

  1. Billing

The invoicing of the product will be sent as soon as it is put online, with a deadline on the following 20th if this takes place during the first 10 days of the month, on the 20th of the following month if this online publication has takes place after the 10th of the month.

The amount corresponding to the entire contract is due as soon as the site is ready to go online or if NovAgency International Web Agency does not obtain (within 10 days of a request) the information allowing it to move forward with the creation of the site (essentially the texts and images).

If the on-line is postponed at the customer's request, the amount corresponding to the entire contract will still be fully due from the beginning of the 3rd month after the date of the online order, and the customer will therefore be billed for all the services ordered.

  1. File opening fees

When ordering, costs for opening and analyzing the file may have been claimed by NovAgency International Web Agency. These will in no case be returned to the customer.

  1. Renewals

Without denunciation of the contract on the part of the customer, it will be renewed at the end of the year taken into account. The termination period being 20 days, renewals will be established between the 10th and the end of the month, with expiry on the 20th of the following month.

  1. Terminations and late terminations

If the client wishes to terminate his contract, he just has to communicate it (in writing or by email) to NovAgency International Web Agency at any time during the current year, but before the last 20 days of this same year in course. In this case there will be no fees requested and the service will be stopped at the end of the current year or earlier if this is the will of the customer.

If the client announces his non-renewal after the 20 days requested, he may still be billed for his/her domain names if these are paid for by NovAgency International Web Agency, as well as a partial amount for the Web hosting which will have been renewed for him by NovAgency International Web Agency. Barring exceptions, a lump sum of CHF 50.- is sufficient to cover these costs linked to such a delay in the announcement.

  1. Unpaid bills

If an invoice should not be paid on its due date, NovAgency International Web Agency is entitled to temporarily suspend the site from the day following this due date. Once the invoice has been paid, the site will be put back online at the latest within 24 hours of receipt of the amount of the invoice.

In addition, reminder fees may be charged. These are fixed at Chf 15.- for a second reminder and at Chf 25.- for a third reminder.

Beyond 60 days of delay, NovAgency International Web Agency reserves the right to claim full payment by legal action and to invoice CHF 150.- for administrative costs.


       Specific conditions related to our websites 

      1. Web and email hosting

      NovAgency Sàrl will host your site on its shared servers with Infomaniak SA. Thus all your data will be stored and managed in Switzerland, and you will benefit from NovAgency's technology watch tools for your own site. If the client wishes, NovAgency International Web Agency can also manage email hosting for the client in the same way.

      1. Domain name

      The customer is advised to remain the sole owner of his/her domain name(s). However, at the request of the client, NovAgency International Web Agency can manage it for him in one of the following ways: either following a transfer of this domain name to NovAgency International Web Agency, or after having been designated as administrator of this name.

      As part of the choice of domain name, the customer expressly declares and guarantees that he respects any rights of third parties, in particular those resulting from the law of trade names, copyright and trademark law.

      1. Service availability

      The services are generally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The customer acknowledges that the availability of the service may be temporarily interrupted due to technical problems or maintenance or servicing work. The client also notes that if service unavailability were to occur, those whose origin is not directly attributable to NovAgency International Web Agency cannot in any case be attributed to it and that no financial compensation can be claimed for such facts.

      1. Assistance, support and updates

      With each of our services you have assistance and support 6/7 from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. In the event of a heavy load, you may be asked to leave a message or reserve a slot in the appointment calendar.

      Regarding unlimited updates: by updates we mean the modifications of text and images contained on your site once published, for which it is advisable that you provide us with the following information: the text / image original and the text/image that will replace the original; we also include small text additions or small paragraphs. The modification of complete structure such as the addition of pages or of consequent block of text and image is not part of an update but will be the object of an overhaul or an extension.

      1. Access to site content

      The customer who wishes may at any time have access to modify the content of his website. The customer is then responsible for his actions on the site and for the possible dissemination of his access to third parties.

          1. Content of the website

          The customer is solely responsible for the contents of his website. It ensures that these contents do not infringe the legal provisions and do not present any pornographic, defamatory, importunate, derogatory or otherwise inappropriate nature, that they do not incite violence and are not contrary to morality.

          The links included in its site and referring to other external sites are only authorized if they meet the same conditions as those set out above.

          If the service provider finds that the client infringes the provisions of this article in any way, the service provider has the right to suspend its service until a situation in conformity with the contract is restored.



          1. Intellectual property

          The legal notices defined on the site answer questions related to intellectual property rights. It is explicitly specified that the customer is the owner of the intellectual property rights or holds the rights of use on all the elements accessible on the site, in particular: the texts, the images, the graphics, the logo, the icons, etc. and that NovAgency International Web Agency owns the intellectual property rights to the design and structure of the site.


          1. In the event of termination

          In the event of termination of the contract, the customer may request to receive the sources of his website. For this, Novagency International Web Agency will provide it, for a flat rate of Chf 50.- per file, either a raw WordPress export of its site, or an “All in One Migration” export of the entire site, or both files. NovAgency International Web Agency will also send a user name and a password allowing you to log in as an administrator once the site has been re-imported. On the other hand, NovAgency will in no way be responsible for the new implementation of the site or for any problems related to the importation of the site into the client's new environment. It should be noted that the import may require certain pre-installed tools, for example Divi, Elementor, or other plugins specific to the site itself. These elements will not be, in any case, attributable to NovAgency International Web Agency. On the other hand, the intellectual property of the design and the structure belongs to NovAgency International Web Agency, which therefore retains the right at all times to reuse this design and content for another client.