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Presentation, history, values and operation


After having legitimized its international activity Novagency Int received its accreditation as Limited Liability in January 2024 and is therefore registered under the name Novagency Co.,Ltd. at the DBD of Chonburi (TH).


Building on the success of our first years and growing demand, our team is expanding and restructuring in 2023, during its transformation into an international company:

•  Management remains the business of the founding CEO: Mr. Pierre-Yves Mathys
• The Swiss antenna is entrusted to Mr. Eric Angel Novaglia
• The British antenna is entrusted to Madame Jaset Meat
• The development team has one more collaborator
• The sales team sees 3 people join it to cover various sectors in Switzerland


It was in 2020 that, with more than 20 years of experience in the world of Internet development, the idea of offering simple, scalable solutions at the right price was born in the minds of two lifelong friends Pierre- Yves and Eric. Initially a simple individual company, Novagency was structured as a limited liability company in July 2022, then became Novagency Int. in July 2023 before receiving its DBD accreditation in January 2024 under the name Novagency Co.,Ltd. Now open internationally, Novagency has its headquarters in Thailand with official representations in Switzerland and England.


The basics and more...”: this slogan is above all the result of more than 20 years of experience in the field of supporting SMEs. It is because we believe that it is important to offer you only solutions that really correspond to your real needs, and that these solutions must be able to adapt at any time to the evolution of your business that we have decided to create Novagency. To achieve this, we define your priorities and objectives together. We also analyze your daily practices as well as those of your customers and prospects in order to achieve these objectives. Our strength is to set up and improve your digital communication in the short and long term. Implementing long-term solutions will allow you to maintain control and remain permanent owner. Our digital solutions are hosted in Switzerland, guaranteeing you absolute security and confidentiality standards.

Whether it be for the creation Or redesign of your website, we follow a precise process, going through a number of key activities to guarantee an optimal result. These activities are:

    1. Analyse of needs : We will start by discussing together to understand your objectives, your target audience and your requirements. This step is essential to determine the functionality and features that your new website should have.
    2. Site design : Depending on your real needs, we will create a model of the structure and design of your website. This step involves the creation of the graphic charter, the choice of colors, typography and navigation architecture.
    3. Web development : After the design, we will develop the functionalities and the pages of your website, using WordPress with the Divi builder, and will also integrate specific elements thanks to various codes written according to the needs in different programming languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript , PHP, etc).
    4. Natural reference : Once the pages have been defined in this way, we will also work on optimizing the natural referencing of the site to improve its visibility on search engines such as Google.
    5. Content integration : Content is the key element of a website, that's why we will work with you to integrate the texts, images and videos on the pages of your website.
    6. Testing and uploadinge: Before putting the website online, we will carry out tests to ensure that all functionalities are correctly integrated and that the site is compatible with different web browsers. Then we will publish your site to the web server.
    7. Maintenance : Once your site is online, we will ensure, thanks to your maintenance pack, maintenance and updating services for your website to guarantee its durability and security.

In short, creating or redesigning your website is a complex process that requires careful planning, good communication between you and us, as well as technical expertise in web design and development. This is why we offer you not only the creation of internet pages, but real support throughout our collaboration; both by carrying out the tasks that you entrust to us and by assisting you and giving you all the support we can.

The team


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Pierre-Yves Mathys Pierre-Yves Mathys
Switzerland and United Kingdom



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Photo 03.04.24 15 39 43 Nai Natthaphon



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Commercial Valais
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